What is a Fifidoll?

Fifidoll is a tattoo artist and painter of mixed Jamaican heritage living in London, UK. Their art uses doll parts to explore their faith and identity, mental health, intersectional feminism and their own queerness, all set to the theme of Japanese folklore and Kawaii colour schemes.
The output of this is a work-in-progress collection reimagining the scroll of the 100 Demon Night Parade onto wood block canvases and sculpture pieces

Their tattoo work uses the Handpoke method with pop-surrealism designs inviting you into their creepy cute world. Often using themes that aren’t traditionally seen as adorable, they allow a beautiful ugliness to creep into their work. As they believe the body is a canvas to express the soul, their hope is to create placements of happiness to exist with the wearer.

Fifidoll also has been part of the ‘Livingdoll’ lifestyle aesthetic which is where people use their bodies as canvases for their art through makeup and styling—often conveying the look of a doll to blur the lines between what is real and what is fake.

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